Who is behind SpaceSwap? Mysterious MILK creators

SpaceSwap is a ground-slamming project causing a stir in the DeFi market landscape. It’s created to unite multiple liquidity pools under its own wing, rewarding liquidity providers with a fly-to-the-Moon governance token — MilkyWay (MILK). You provide liquidity and SpaceSwap rewards you with MILKy fuel for your rocket. But the project can’t exist on its own — somebody stands behind it.

Who are these guys?

The best engineers and blockchain opinion leaders came together about a few months ago to bring another level of value to the crypto community. We are these guys, but we prefer to stay anonymous — developers aren’t into publicity. Instead, we are fully focused on one great purpose — to benefit the DeFi community, not to hype up another trend.

The DeFi market is bursting with a disparate number of protocols and projects, however, no one has ever tried to combine them all together! SpaceSwap is ready to try on the role of a leader and become a connecting link between DeFi services. We will become a kind of quality standard and aggregator of the best representatives of the industry.

What about security?

Security is what makes our eyes light up! We consider it one of the most crucial aspects of any project. So we’ve made everything possible open, transparent, and safe for our community.

All our actions are clear — you can track our developments on GitHub which are in an open-source format. This means you get to know everything — SpaceSwap will be naked before your all-seeing eyes. We have a number of high-class specialists from different audit firms in our team, but transparency is the cornerstone for us. To this end, we will do an independent audit to smash any delusions from our potential critics.

Our BIG plan

Aside from all the fun stuff, we have a serious roadmap from the get go:

  • 09.09 is the time for SpaceSwap Version 1.0 to shine! We will create a Uniswap fork with juicy features: MILK governance tokens, earning on transactional fees and many others.
  • Q4 2020 is for new products. SpaceSwap starts to support Curve, Compound, Yearn and wBTC products.
  • Q1 2021 — SpaceSwap is in its prime! SpaceSwap will become a DeFi superstructure covering major DeFi protocols in one place.
  • Q2 2021 — meet the emperor — SpaceSwap. The platform aims to be a major player in the DeFi industry, outpacing its competitors.

But a guessing game about the personalities behind the SpaceSwap project pales against the coming announcements — we’ll tell you how everything works! It’s much more interesting than the SpaceMILKmen themselves.

Be the very first to jump straight in our multitude of liquidity pools — it’s a real goldmine, by the way. We are already collecting a massive pool of pure liquidity. Be among the firsts to feel the advantages of a new protocol for yield farming with SpaceSwap!

Get prepared to MILK some DeFi pools — the countdown to blast-off has started on https://spaceswap.app/!

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