Dear SpaceSwap users,

We want to remind everyone that because of a massive demand for a bridge facility (ERC20 to BEP20), there will be some delays with an exchange process which can take up to 1 hour. There is a limited liquidity locked in a bridge facility at this stage due to the fact that team doesn’t have many free coins to place in a bridge, therefore it will take more time to burn your erc20 tokens and mint the same number of bep20 tokens.

Please be patient, eventually once everything settles down, process will become much more consistent.

That means the next round of $MILK2 distribution to $SHAKE holders has been done

2 Rules:

✅ No last-minute holders, you need to have held for not less than 100k blocks.

✅ A SHAKE holder is someone who holds SHAKE coins on their address balance. Staking SHAKE in the liquidity pool means you’re no longer considered a holder.

The multiplier works on the following model. If you have:

👉 between 1–4 $SHAKE on your address balance — the multiplier is x1

👉 between 4–10 $SHAKE on your address balance — the multiplier is x4

👉 If you’re a proud holder of 10+ $SHAKE — you’ll get x8 !!

The next countdown has just restarted at block #11840000. See you in 100k blocks, cowboys!



I am the Captain of SpaceSwap project